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Yearly Archives: 2016

19December, 2016

Have you heard about Water Softeners?

‘Hard Water’ is water that contains a large amount of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. It may not necessarily be dirty water but will often contain contaminants such as iron, copper and manganese. These contaminants can cause staining to your bathroom and laundry fixtures, fittings and even your motor vehicles. A fantastic solution to … Continue reading Have you heard about Water Softeners?

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24November, 2016

Filtered Drinking Water: Health Benefits

With water being one of the most vital substances on the Earth, it is important that we are putting ‘clean water’ into our bodies. Although tap water is drinkable in Australia, there are many additives and chemicals added to our water. By adding a filter to your tap water you are able eliminate chlorine, chemicals, … Continue reading Filtered Drinking Water: Health Benefits

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15November, 2016

Water2water Christmas Pack Specials 2016

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09November, 2016

Perth Water Coolers

There is nothing more refreshing than freshly filtered cold water, especially during the warmer months of the year. Having to buy bottled water or constantly fill up jugs of water to put in the fridge can become time consuming and costly. A great alternative to this is a Water2water water cooler.         … Continue reading Perth Water Coolers

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16September, 2016

In Perth, treated sewage will soon be turned into drinking water!

Many people are repelled by the thought of drinking water that has once been in our sewer systems. However, there are a vast number of benefits connected to recycling water.  As global warming rises, we are beginning to experience dryer and hotter winters.  In fact, Perth experienced one of the driest winters in 2015.  The … Continue reading In Perth, treated sewage will soon be turned into drinking water!

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07September, 2016

Why use Shower filters?

The Effects of Chlorine in Water: Chlorine has been used in our water as a highly effective disinfectant for decades.  However, exposure to chlorine can have negative effects on a person’s health: Respiratory conditions (Nose, throat, lungs, asthma, bronchitis) Dry or brittle hair Can turn blonde or blonde dyed hair green! Dry skin, dandruff, itching … Continue reading Why use Shower filters?

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26August, 2016

Parish Pump Politics – the history of public water supply

Although quite effective methods for improving the quality of water had been known for many centuries in the Eastern and Middle Eastern worlds, they were largely directed at improving its aesthetic quality for the upper strata of society who could afford to be picky. Throughout most of human history, most people have solved the problem … Continue reading Parish Pump Politics – the history of public water supply

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21August, 2016

Australian Drinking Water Quality

Australia has the distinction of being the driest inhabited continent on earth, yet the OECD ranks it fourth in per capita consumption of water. Although ground water is an important source for many remote communities, the overwhelming majority of Australians rely on water stored in reservoirs. Authorities monitor the quality of water from these sources, … Continue reading Australian Drinking Water Quality

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14August, 2016

Water Everywhere – Ingenuity Leads the Quest for Safe Drinking Water

At Water2Water we supply water purification that improves the quality of the water drunk by Australians. While removing toxins and biohazards is an important part of what we do, most urban Australians can expect their water supply to be at least safe, even if its taste often leaves much to be desired. Other parts of … Continue reading Water Everywhere – Ingenuity Leads the Quest for Safe Drinking Water

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13May, 2016

Exclusive Offers on Home Water2water Filtration Systems

EXCLUSIVE offer on Water2water home filtration systems *limited time only* – plumbed systems fully installed from only $190.00 (standard install conditions apply) Now is the time to install a system at home or why not treat your friends and family to a Water2water filtration system. A healthy gift that will provide them with freshly filtered water for … Continue reading Exclusive Offers on Home Water2water Filtration Systems

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