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Hoshizaki & Scotsman Ice Machines

We all know that a well hydrated workforce is a healthy workforce, and in Australia’s fierce sun that can pose a real challenge. Water2Water is the leading supplier of Scotsman and Hoshizaki ice machines to Perth and WA’s commercial and industrial workplaces. Chilling your drinking water will keep your workforce happy and healthy healthy, as well as helping to reduce core body temperatures. With an efficient ice-maker on the team, your workers can take supplies of purified ice with them in an esky, as they go about their duties. It’s a great way to keep up the health – and the morale – of your crews.

For regulatory purposes, ice is classified as a food item, so an ice maker needs to meet HACCP food safety standards. At Water2Water, we distribute the Scotsman and Hoshizaki range of ice machines in Perth. They are designed to inhibit the accumulation of bacteria, yet be easy to clean and maintain. With fan blades optimised for peak efficiency, these state-of-the-art ice machines are also noticeably quieter than their leading rivals, producing large volumes of ice rapidly, and in a choice of cubes, flakes, top hats or crescents. These machines work incredibly well in high use and high heat situations.

When you buy a Scotsman or Hoshizaki ice machine from Water2Water, it can come fully installed by our efficient and courteous technicians, and with a 2-year warranty. Better still, we can provide you with a comprehensive scheduled maintenance contract, so you don’t have to remember things like filter changes. Its all part of a low maintenance fee.

No matter how large or small your operation, there is a Hoshizaki or Scotsman ice machine that’s right for you. Like to know more?

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