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Water is the healthiest way to hydrate and extremely beneficial for the human body.


Ice Machines

January 2nd, 2015


For men and women working under the scorching Australian sun, purified water is essential for hydration. For these men and women access to chilled purified water is absolutely vital and there is no better way of providing this than the combination of purified water and purified ice in an esky that they can take with them to their job sites.

Ice is classified as a food. All of the units we supply have been accredited and meet the stringent HACCP food and safety requirements. The superior design and quality of our ice makers minimises the build up of bacteria and makes them easy to clean.

We Currently Supply Scotsman  Ice makers.

  • Eco-friendly Ice Machine Technology. 50% down on water usage & 30% down on energy consumption.
  • Sealed construction to eliminate external contamination of stored ice.
  • Choice of filtration systems or ultra violet(UV) sanitation.

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