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Zip Hydrotaps

Zip Industries is the name to be reckoned with in Australian water purification and enhancement systems. Since 1970, they have been making under-bench systems for dispensing instant boiling water. In 1996, Zip brought out the first system that dispensed both boiling and chilled water from the same faucet. To that world-leading system has now been added the capability to dispense sparkling, chilled water – all from the same, elegantly simple faucet.

Why A Zip HydroTap or Zip System?

The Zip Hydrotap’s 0.2 micron filter removes contaminants with greater efficiency than ever before. Refrigeration is accomplished with a low energy, air-cooled ventilation system, and the Zip HydroTap has proven so dependable that Zip have extended its warranty to an unprecedented 5 years.

Office workers love the way the Zip HydroTap G4 responds instantly, unlike conventional kettles and wall mounted boilers, which must either maintain a large volume of water at high temperature, or keep the user waiting while the water boils.

Families love the Zip HydroTap for its compactness, for its versatility and for the beauty of its styling. No more waiting for the kettle to boil. No more cluttering up the fridge with water containers and soda water bottles. Zip Systems not only remove dirt and harmful contaminants, but also distasteful chlorine – although fluoride is retained.

When you buy a Zip HydroTap  or Zip System from Water2Water, everything can be taken care of, from installation to scheduled maintenance and filter changes.


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