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Buying A Water Purifier For The First Time?

November 22nd, 2014

Increased water-borne diseases have sparked the urgency in us to take measures to ensure that our drinkable water source remains safe and pure. Instead of sticking with old methods to purify water every now and then, you should consider buying water purifiers for your home.

Selecting the right water purifier is pertinent as it can help to introduce essential minerals and nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements. It also ensures that the antioxidant properties remain intact – a water purification system is only effective when it is free from potential contaminants.

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Some countries are affected by water pollution and it is a major problem preventing its inhabitants from receiving safe drinkable water. As mentioned, water purifiers are the preferred solutions as compared to traditional boiling methods that require manual effort, time and energy. Hence, owning a system for yourself is very convenient and effortless, and it ensures the overall well-being of your family. In this article, you will learn what is necessary to purchase the aforementioned.

Salient factors to keep in mind

  • Size and capacity: If you plan to get a water purifier for your office or a home with multiple family members, it is ideal that you get a model that has a bigger storage capacity.
  • The flow of the water purifier: Water purifiers that are slated for home use often need to supply water on a constant basis. You may choose a direct flow water purifier as it is directly connected with your taps.
  • Flow rate: Different water purifying brands have their own water flow limits and if exceeded will not be able to purify water efficiently as before. If that happens, the system allows bacteria to pass through its filters. Ensure that the per-minute volume of water that needs to be purified should be on par with your requirements.
  • Build and design: In most cases, you should go for a purifier that is portable and light-weight. Next, you should also choose one that matches the aesthetics of your home or location and add up to its overall appeal.

Popular and modern purifiers to choose from

As their name suggests, non-electric purifier models do not require any amount of electricity to clean and filter your drinking water. Non-electric water purifiers are basically separated into two basic groups. The first being direct systems that are constructed with plastic and are fixed to the mouth of the desired water tap. They come in the shape of a filter candle containing resin filters that need monthly replacements. The second is an indirect system that has sediments and activated carbon filters. You should use them for places that tend to be affected by water shortage.

These systems are connected to a direct water supply and require electricity to operate. They also utilize RO or UV water filters and sediment filters to remove unwanted chemicals and contaminants that are often harmful. Not only do the water filters keep your drinking water clean, they also help to improve its taste and eliminate strange odours that can be picked up along the way.

If you wish to enjoy a cool drink whenever you are preparing a meal, doing the laundry or after a shower, we recommend getting a water purification system to ensure high quality drinking water at all times.

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