Portable Water Filters

Perfect for your next holiday, portable water filters

For 24/7 access to pure, filtered drinking water wherever you are and wherever you travel, our range of portable water filter systems is the ideal solution.

Whether you are travelling in a motorhome or RV, camping, hiking, sailing or looking for a more compact alternative to a plumbed in water filtration system, Water2water has the answer.

What different portable water filter systems are available?

  • Compact counter-top plumbed and non-plumbed portable water filtration systems – ideal for use in caravans, motorhomes and boats if you want clean fresh drinking water on the move
  • Whole caravan water filter systems – connects to the site water source and delivers pure, clean drinking water
  • Portable shower and bath water filters –the perfect solution when you are travelling to remove harmful chemicals and irritants and want to take care of your skin
  • Personal filtered travel systems – perfect if you are hiking, trekking and travelling in areas with limited access to fresh drinking water

Caravan, boat and motorhome water filtration systems

Enjoy fresh, filtered drinking water on the road and where space is limited with one of our compact, countertop portable water filtration systems.

Caravan, RV and motorhome travel is growing in popularity and a life on the open road doesn’t mean sacrificing access to delicious, purified drinking water at the turn of a tap.

Great for use with rain water tanks mains water and potable water supplies.

Water2water Aquapro Countertop

  • Non-plumbed, countertop water filter system – no drilling required
  • Choice of filters that remove over 95% of Copper and other chemicals and pollutants
  • Space saving and fully portable – connects easily to most kitchen sink taps
  • Great for use in caravans, motor homes and rented accommodation.

Water2water Portable 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Our unique, fully portable reverse osmosis system is the perfect solution if you are travelling to areas with poor water quality supplies.

Perfect for areas where you want total peace of mind that up to 99% of harmful pollutants and contaminants have been taken out of the water.

Perfect where you have access to water that needs to be treated or for rainwater tanks, easy to hook up to potable water and compact to move around with.

Reverse osmosis purifies water by forcing it across a semi-permeable membrane which removes contaminants.

Water2water Mixer Tap system

  • Perfect for caravans, motorhomes and anywhere under sink and counter space is limited
  • Provides fresh, healthy, delicious tasting drinking water
  • Choice of filters to reduce sediment and remove odour, chlorine and/or parasitic cysts and other pollutants
  • No need for drilling or a separate faucet tap – connects under the sink to your mixer or standard cold-water tap
  • Options of 5 Micron or 0.5 Micron filter.

Seagull lV Water Purifier

  • Only compact water filter system to meet EPA standards
  • Made from marine grade, stainless steel, lead free port and faucet
  • Under sink, plumbed-in system that is easy to disconnect and transport
  • Ultimate quality drinking water – removes contaminants and retains valuable minerals and electrolytes
  • Perfect solution for any home, office, caravan or boat
  • Low maintenance with average filter lasting 12-24 months.
  • Great for boats, motorhomes, RVs and caravans 

Water2water Caravan Filter System

Designed and made in Australia, the Water2water Bacteria Eliminating Silver Treatment (B.E.S.T) System is a fully portable microbiological water purification system.

Connecting to any camp site source water, you can fill your water tank with freshly filtered, high quality water as often as you want.

  • Ideal for caravans, motorhomes and boats with RV camper site water hook up.
  • Eliminates bacteria without chemicals – utilises B.E.S.T Bacteria Eliminating Silver Treatment technology
  • Fully portable and easy DIY installation to water supply
  • Removes harmful chemicals and leaves healthy minerals in drinking and bathing water

Water2water Portable Shower and Bath Filters

We offer a large range of portable shower filter options that connect to most shower heads to remove chemicals including chlorine.

If you suffer from dry skin, eczema, brittle hair, asthma or allergies, try taking one of Water2water’s easy to install portable shower and bath filters on your next trip.

Perfect if you are staying in a caravan, RV or motorhome and want to stop outbreaks of itchy dry skin or eczema spoiling your holiday.

Portable Water Filters for Hikers and Travellers

Staying hydrated and having access to clean drinking water when you are enjoying the great outdoors is vital.

Our range of lightweight, portable water filters are perfect if you like to explore and don’t want to be slowed down by carrying heavy water supplies.

Katadyn Hiker Pro

  • Best-selling microfilter for personal use
  • Clean, safe drinking water on the move
  • Lightweight, easy to use and maintain
  • Cartridge life up to 1150L and filters up to 1 litre per minute.

Katadyn Vario

  • Fastest water microfilter on the market – up to 2 litres of water per minute
  • Clean, safe drinking water wherever your adventures take you
  • Replaceable carbon, ceramic pre-filter and pleated cartridge technologies
  • Ceramic pre-filter for longer life in dirty water
  • Up to 2,000 litre cartridge capacity.
Purify Yourself

If you require a convenient water source for teams of workers, we have the answer for every situation.

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