Ice Machines

Never run out of ice again with a stylish ice machine that creates an endless supply of pure, filtered ice – in whatever shape or size ice cubes you want.

Water2Water supplies, maintains and services market-leading ice machines by Scotsman, Manitowoc and Hozhisaki for domestic homes, restaurants and commercial premises in Perth and across western Australia.

Combining an ice machine with a high-quality water filtering system will ensure the ice produced is always pure, delicious and free from harmful chemicals.

Benefits of an ice machine

  • Constant supply of ice with no need for heavy plastic bags of ice
  • Perfect for mine sites, warehouses, restaurants and hotels who want to showcase their food on beds of ice and keep customers refreshed and hydrated
  • Easy to connect to most under sink, plumbed in water filter systems
  • Eco-friendly Ice Machine Technology
  • 50% down on water usage & 30% down on energy consumption.
  • Choice of filtration systems or ultra violet(UV) sanitation.

Market leading brands Hoshizaki & Scotsman

At Water2Water, we distribute the Scotsman and Hoshizaki range of ice machines in Perth. They are designed to inhibit the accumulation of bacteria, yet be easy to clean and maintain.

When you buy a Scotsman or Hoshizaki ice machine from Water2Water, it can come fully installed by our efficient and courteous technicians, and with a 2-year warranty. Better still, we can provide you with a comprehensive scheduled maintenance contract, so you don’t have to remember things like filter changes. It’s all part of a low maintenance fee.

Choosing the right ice maker machine

Whether you are looking to buy a compact ice machine for your Perth home or your business operates in the harsh conditions of the Pilbara or you need an ice machine for heavy industrial use, we have the solution.

We have been helping customers to choose the best water filtration systems and ice makers for 20 years and we’re happy to provide free advice and unbiased recommendations based on your needs.

Things to consider:

  • Connecting an ice machine to a filtered water supply ensures your ice is as pure and healthy as the water you drink
  • Ensure the ice machine you choose has the capacity you need – for example, a small, counter-top ice machine will not be able to keep up with demand for an ice machine at a mine-site in the Pilbara region
  • Buy your ice machine from a company who provides first class servicing and maintenance to ensure your ice maker remains bacteria free and clean.

Keeping your ice machine clean and healthy

We don’t just sell ice machines – we provide cost-effective professional servicing and sanitisation to make sure the ice you enjoy is always crystal clear and free from harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Without regular servicing, bacteria can grow inside your ice machine and spread to the ice it produces which could create health problems.

Water2Water’s team of professional water technicians travel across western Australia, installing and servicing water filtration systems and ice machines for a range of clients including, domestic customers, sports clubs, restaurants, mine-sites, schools, hospitals and government buildings.

All the ice machines and ice makers we supply meet the stringent HACCP food and safety requirements and have full accreditation.

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