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How to remove copper from your water

October 12th, 2018

While extremely low levels of copper can be found naturally in water, high levels of copper can be found in your drinking water which can cause issues. The copper can seep into your home or properties’ water through the erosion of the households or properties copper pipes.

How does it affect me?

As outlined in our blog Water and Weight Loss, drinking lots of water is incredibly beneficial for you. Although, if this water isn’t filtered it may cause issues.  Short term exposure to high levels of copper can cause gastric destress, such as vomiting and diarrhoea, while long term exposure to high levels of copper can be fatal.

In this video, we can see some water filters which have been removed from a property less than 6 months old. As seen, the filters are a blue-green colour, the colour of copper when it becomes in contact with water or air. In comparison, the filters sitting on the ledge are the new filters which don’t contain traces of copper.

What to do

Trying to remove copper from your home’s water system by yourself is near impossible. Copper pipes are able to be removed and replaced with other pipes such as PEX pipes. Although, this job isn’t one that can be done by the DIY plumbing enthusiast, instead should be done by a professional, licensed plumber, which can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  With Water2Water’s professionally plumbed-in or free-standing systems, you are able to drink your water worry free, while drinking filtered, refreshing, health-giving water.

See how our Premium Twin CC1 undersink system will filter out harmful bacteria and chemicals in our water, as well as reduce heavy metals; including copper, mercury, lead and zinc.

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