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In Perth, treated sewage will soon be turned into drinking water!

September 16th, 2016

Many people are repelled by the thought of drinking water that has once been in our sewer systems. However, there are a vast number of benefits connected to recycling water.  As global warming rises, we are beginning to experience dryer and hotter winters.  In fact, Perth experienced one of the driest winters in 2015.  The West Australian writes that “after a trial between 2009 and 2012 the Government pushed ahead with a 14 billion litre plant costing $125million at Beenyup in Perth’s North.  That plant is due to come on line later this year and the State Government is poised to fast-track its expansion.

The process of recycling the water will be done by injecting the treated sewage into Perth’s aquifer system and pumping it back up again years later.  The State Government also aims for treated waste water to supply up to 20% of Perth’s drinking water needs by 2060.

Other benefits associated with recycled water are:

  • Invaluable supplement to our current struggling dam supplies
  • Preserving the natural environment
  • Saving of waters that would otherwise be lost to us
  • Saving of money
  • Economic development and tourism

As a water filtration company, Water2water understand the importance of recycled water and we are excited about the opportunities and benefits that this is going to bring to Western Australia.  Water2water have a multitude of cost effective drinking water filtration solutions to keep your water safe and healthy and tasting great.

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