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How to remove calcium and magnesium from your water

December 15th, 2017

Research has shown that calcium and magnesium can improve a number of aspects of your health from strength and mood to blood sugar regulation and sleep quality. Although, both magnesium and calcium both impact the level of ‘hardness’ of water and in turn can have negative impacts on not only your home but your skin too.

Whether you are building a new home and want to protect your bathroom and kitchen from calcium and magnesium buildup or you suffer from skin irretations/ allergies and want your skin to be feeling softer and smoother.  A water softener is right for you.

Water Softeners work by removing the calcium, iron and magnesium, via ion exchange, making hard water, soft.

Water2Water are the approved agents for Waterways Water Softener systems in WA. 

For more information about Water Softeners, have a look at our website here & the Waterway website here

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