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Factors To Consider Before Buying Water Purifiers?

January 5th, 2015

The fear of contracting a waterborne disease has seen many home and office owners investing in quality water purifiers. The appliance saves one from the inconvenience of using old wife water purification remedies such as boiling water. But just what factors should one take into account before buying a good, value priced water purifier? Read on to find out!

Water nutrients

There is much more into a good water purifier than the water purification aspect. A good purifier should provide you with water that is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements. It does not end there. The purifier should not compromise water’s antioxidant properties. It should retain such properties after purification and still ensure your water is free of contaminants.

Storage capacity

This largely depends on the number of people who will be using the purifier. You can invest in a sizeable one if you and a few of your loved ones will be using it. The situation changes if you intend to use the purifier in an office setting or at home where your family will be using it. Simply go for a big water purifier with more storage capacity. That way, you won’t have to refill or run the purifier from time to time.

Direct flow water filters

They can save you a lot of time and money. They are ideal for home use. Simply connect your tap directly to your direct flow water purifier. You won’t have to worry about a continuous supply of clean, drinking water.

Flow rate

Every purifier usually has an optimum water flow capacity. Exceeding the flow may mean that water won’t get purified. Bacteria and other contaminants can therefore pass through the filters. Watch out for the ‘per minute volume’ of water that your desired purifier can handle. That way, you will know what is best for your home or office.


Any good water purifier worth your money should be lightweight. It should be movable. But over and beyond these two factors, consider the aesthetic appeal of your desired water purifier. It is easy on the eyes? Does it complement your home or office? In a nutshell, go for a well designed purifier.

Electric vs. non electric

Buying an electric purifier should not be a problem to you. After all, there are so many reviews of electric purifiers out there. Buying a non electric one on the other hand can be quite daunting. There are two types of non electric purifiers- direct non electric purifiers and indirect non electric purifiers. Direct purifiers are made of plastic. They are easy to use as they are fixed on to water tap mouths. They come in filter shapes that feature filer resins which should be replaced monthly. Indirect filters are less complicated. They use carbon filters, which make them ideal for places where water shortage is common.

Note that electric purifiers also come in two different types. There is one with a UV system and another with an RO system. UV system water purifiers use UV rays inside filters to purify water. RO system purifiers on the other hand use semi permeable membranes to purify water. They are both reliable and effective for water purification.

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