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Water2water Christmas Pack Specials 2016

November 15th, 2016

Water2water great gift ideas this Christmas to last a lifetime.

Treat your friends and family to a Water2water filtration system. A healthy gift that will provide them with freshly filtered water for many years to come.

Water2water Twin UnderSink Filtration System Christmas Pack 


What a unique gift – pack includes Twin Filtration System & standard installation, a Pure Bath Shower Filter plus Water2water drink bottles and stubby holders.  

Eliminate the need for bottled water with our Premium Twin Filtration System.  Our  most popular system will thoroughly filter your tap water and at the same time retain important minerals that the body needs.

This system is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. It reduces the amount of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos, crypto and giardia in your water.

The Water2water Premium Twin System comes with a lifetime warranty on the housings (conditions apply).


Water2water HiFlow Undersink Filtration System Christmas Pack


Pack includes: A HiFlow Filtration System & standard installation, a Pure Bath Shower Filter & Water2water drink bottles and Stubby holders. 

Pefect for households with limited under sink and bench top space. No need to buy bottled water again. You will save money and have an unlimited supply of freshly filtered pure water straight from your kitchen tap.

This system will connect to your current mixer tap or cold water tap at your sink.


Water2water AquaPro Counter Top Filtration System Christmas Pack             


Pack includes AquaPro Countertop System, Water2water drink bottles and stubby holders.

The AquaPro system is fully portable and a great option for those that are renting or are unable to tap into under sink plumbing. Simply connect it up to any single or double handed tap and enjoy freshly filtered water.


Rent our Water2water Reverse Osmosis System for just $55 per month

Sign up or renew a 12 month rental agreement and receive a free shower filter.

Pack includes: A 12 month rental of our Premium Water2water Reverse Osmosis Filtration System, standard installation & 2 services per annum, plus a bonus Pure Bath Shower Filter for free. The system  can be connected to a water cooler for a little extra.

This system reduces up to 99% of all dissolved impurities of both organic & inorganic contaminants, including salts, metals, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. It is a perfect option for those living in areas where there is very hard water such as the Northwest or for people with sensitive diets or medical conditions (minimum 12 month contract applies).


All offers expire 31.12.2016 conditions apply:
Install may not be included for some WA country areas or interstate  – full terms & conditions Tel 1300 88 03 03


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