We filter your tap water so your body doesn’t have to.

Why choose filtered water cooler

September 19th, 2018

Water2Water offer a range of filtered water coolers, available to rent or buy. We are Western Australian suppliers of:

  • Aquanet bottle coolers
  • Partner plumbed in coolers
  • BIBO bench top coolers
  • Parplus coolers
  • Many more.

Our water coolers will provide you with an unlimited supply of freshly filtered water with the options of ambient/chilled or boiling/chilled and freestanding or bench top units. We also provide plumbed in coolers or non-plumbed in coolers.

Water2water are local water filtration experts and will provide you with the best filtration system and cooler for your area and application.

Why filtered water coolers?

Filtered water coolers are a great addition to any home or workplace that can provide a wealth of benefit to its users. We have outlined the top 5 benefits of having a filtered water cooler.

  1. Improved health – A number of gastrointernal illnesses are water related. With filtered water coolers, this eliminates your office’s or home’s risk of any water related illnesses from the offices drinking water.
  2. Low environmental impact – Specifically, plumbed in filtration system, there is an incredibly minimal environmental impact. All plastic has to go somewhere after it has been used and globally, every year we produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste. So to do our bit and minimise waste is vital.
  3. Convenience & portability – Bottled coolers are incredibly convenient as the only thing you need is a power outlet and you have fresh, filtered water. Additionally, you are able to move the water filter wherever you see fit, being able to move the filter as life changes.
  4. Chilled water on tap – drinking chilled water is substantially more enjoyable than water at regular tap temperature. With instantly chilled water, drinking water can significantly improve your water drinking experience.
  5. Instantly perfect for tea or coffee – If you elect to have a boiling water option, you have water dispensed at the perfect temperature for tea & coffee, streamlining the brewing process with hot water at the touch of a button.

Renting a Water2Water Filtration System

When you rent a Water2water filtration system, we will attend to all of the servicing and will automatically schedule our technician to attend twice per annum to change all of the filters, clean and sanitise the equipment, check all of the lines and parts and leave you with the peace of mind knowing that the system is producing high quality clean drinking water. We also include all standard installation costs.

Buying a Water2Water Filtration System

If you prefer to purchase the goods outright, we offer a great after sales service and maintenance programme.

To find our more, call us on our free call number 1300 88 03 03, email us at purify@water2water.com.au or send through an online enquiry.

Purify Yourself

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