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Atlantis Sparkling Water Restaurants & Cafes

May 20th, 2015


New from Italy, the Atlantis sparkling water dispenser. An alternative to pre-bottled water. Allowing you to dispense unlimited quantities of purified Chilled Still and Sparkling water!

Atlantis is the new line of professional tabletop and under-counter dispensers that is specifically designed for the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurants and Café) sector.

Thanks to the use of “Ice Bank” technology, Atlantis dispensers can supply 60, 120 or 180 litres per hour, meeting all the demands of small, medium and big restaurants with a high-performance and compact machine.

Stainless Steel and top quality Italian parts guarantee the reliability and sturdiness of this Made in Italy masterpiece.

Environmental Impact – Atlantis manufactures water dispensers that can easily replace the use of bottled mineral water while also significantly reducing CO2 emissions and our planet’s overall pollution level by eliminating billions of plastic bottles.

You save money, you help your customers save money and together we all pollute less – IT’S A REALLY GREAT INVESTMENT!

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