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Mine Site Industrial Sealed Ice Machine

January 2nd, 2015

Energy & Cost Saving Efficiency
Due to the collaboration of latest Hoshizaki technology and accelerated harvest assist feature that pre-defrost of ice melts cycle from evaporator plate

Self Monitoring Technology
M series external operation indicator lights continually communicate the machine’s current status for complete confidence in its ice making capabilities.

Quiet and Easy Access servicing
With a reliable fan blade and motor design, quieter compressors, and a special sound shield, M series cube machine reduce the noise of ice making versus world’s traditional model. Easily monitor status without opening up the panel Unique fan blade design helps reduce noise.

  • Fully insulated storage bin of 80kg
  • Pushbutton single auger agitator dispenses ice at 5kg per minute
  • Sealed construction to eliminate external contamination of stored ice
  • Dispensing chute designed to accept Willow 10-litre water jugs
  • Many filtration options available depending on site requirements, including ultra violet (UV) sterilisation.

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