Premium Autoclave Reverse Osmosis System

May 20th, 2015


  • Ultra effective Autoclave Reverse Osmosis System providing highest quality deionised water ON TAP – for Dental, Medical, Hospital, Laboratories and Veterinaries.
  • Why purchase expensive bottled distilled water when you can make your own deionised water for your sterilisation equipment.
  • Be Aquawise and free up your storage space of bottled water, minimise maintenance costs and reduce damage to instruments from tap water rinsing.
  • Engineered to produce exceptionally high quality water to zero TDS (total disolved solids)
  • Can be plumbed directly into your steam sterilisation equipment with a separate line for pre rinsing of instruments prior to placement into the autoclave.
  • A fully mechanical system. Requires no electricity, saving on costly power.
  • An Aquawise saving on captial cost that provides connvenient and continuous supply of dionised water on tap as opposed to buying high cost bottled distilled water or low production, power consuming dionising equipment.

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