We filter your tap water so your body doesn’t have to.

Rental Water Coolers

Rent a water cooler with Water2Water

Say goodbye to expensive bottled water systems. Taste the difference with Water2water‘s professionally plumbed in or free-standing water filtration systems and water coolers.



All of our drinking water filtration rental systems are free of worry as Water2water care for all servicing and warranty costs once the system is installed.

Low monthly fixed rental fee

Routine Services, all included!

Our highly skilled and fully trained Water2water technicians will quietly, efficiently and routinely service your drinking water filtration system at pre-arranged times. The Water2water customer service does not cost you any extra money… it is all part of your low fixed monthly fee.

  • No capital outlay, 100% tax deductible service fee.

Multitude of water filtration systems available to rent

We have a multitude of different systems that we rent including our Water2water Maxiflow & Twin Filtration Systems with Water Coolers,  Hot & Cold Under Sink Filtration Systems like Billi and Zips, Reverse Osmosis Systems and our popular Water2water Aquanet Non Plumbed System which is a great option for locations without access to plumbing.

Call and ask about our Rent or Lease/Buy Options.

Purify Yourself

If you require a convenient water source for teams of workers, we have the answer for every situation.

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