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Water Filter Installations

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Standard installations within our service centre areas are included in the cost of both reverse osmosis and under-sink water filter systems. Our neatly-uniformed technicians and plumbers arrive on time, and quietly and efficiently install your unit.

Our goal is to be the benchmark our competitors use for performance, service and reputation.

Minimum standards and process for a water filtration installation includes:

  • Connection to the building water source will, where possible, be made under the sink in the kitchen or via the plumbing duct.
  • A stopcock and pressure limiting non-return valve will be installed on the water line.
  • The water line from the building service to the filtration systems will be of 6mm high pressure John Guest food grade pipe and connectors, delivered through 12mm PVC conduit in the ceiling (when applicable) labelled ‘water’.
  • Delivery of the water line from the ceiling to floor/bench top unit will be via Aussie Duct, concealing the water line and providing a professional finish.
  • Each unit will have a local isolation valve.
  • All of our units have dual overflow protection in the form of a mechanical float valve and an electronic solenoid safety valve.
  • All units, where applicable, will be fitted with a leak controller or water block for additional security.
  • All of our units have unlimited water output.
  • All of our units comply with AS/NS 3497 and NSF standards.

All plumbing works will be carried out by our own licensed plumbers or those contracted to water2water and meet Australian standards approved by plumbing safety AS/NZS 3497:1998.



Through-life care, with Water2Water

At Water2Water, you can rest assured that your new water filtration system will be cared for by our highly skilled technicians. Regular servicing is vital for maintaining the purity of your filtered water service.

Purify Yourself

If you require a convenient water source for teams of workers, we have the answer for every situation.

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