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Water Health


Water is essential to life! It is the most abundant component of our body. Like the oxygen we breathe, we cannot live without water. We can survive for 6 weeks without food, we cannot live longer than a week without water. Water, a clear refreshing fluid, is one of our body’s most essential nutrients.

Water does more than satisfy our thirst. Thirst is like a warning indicator that we need to drink so our body can perform its many functions. Every body cell, tissue and organ needs water. Water transports nutrients and oxygen to body cells and carries waste products away. It moistens body tissues such as our eyes, nose and mouth. Water is the main part of every body fluid, such as saliva and blood. It helps prevent constipation and cushions our joints and protects body organs. Thirst is a signal that we need to drink more water, but waiting until we are thirsty may be too late as we may already be dehydrated.

Our body needs an ongoing supply of water. We need about 8 cups of water per day and some people need up to 12 cups per day. We need more water the more we exercise, as we lose water through perspiration. When we are exposed to heated air or air conditioning water evaporates from our skin so again we need to replace it.

Tips on how to drink more water:

  • Take water breaks through the day instead of coffee breaks
  • Keep a glass of water on your desk or work area
  • When you walk by a water fountain, stop and have a drink
  • Drink water as a snack
  • Before, during and after exercise make sure you drink enough water for your needs
  • Always travel with a supply of water even for day outings

Other reasons to drink water:

  • Water has no calories so it is the perfect drink in our weight conscious world.
  • Water is the best choice of fluid to drink and is the most available.
  • Water has no sodium
  • Water has no fat and cholesterol
  • Water has no caffeine

Its pretty clear to see that refreshing water is the best drink for everyone of all ages. So drink up. Enjoy……

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