We filter your tap water so your body doesn’t have to.

Why Purify?

The tap water we take for granted is no longer as safe as it once was. Numerous chemicals, inorganic and organic compounds are affecting the safety of our drinking water. It is now doubtful if the government can guarantee the safety of the water we drink everyday.

Some people have decided to source their own water treatment system to give them control over the quality of their drinking water supply. Of course, that means that they are taking the responsibility for controlling those problems, so they must be diligent in selecting the appropriate systems and providing proper maintenance of their systems.

Health & Environment

Water2water Water Filtration Systems produce quality drinking water without removing the beneficial qualities of natural water.

So go ahead, drink your eight glasses of water a day and relax.

With no need to handle, store or lift heavy bottles you eliminate unnecessary compensation/ OH & S claims for back injuries.

Copper or fluoride concerns? Talk to us, we will reduce it by more than 99%

Does your body need detoxing? Do you need more alkaline water? Call us, we can help

  • No more plastic bottles in landfills polluting the environment
  • It is absolutely essential that your family and staff have access to pure fresh water so they can perform at their best
  • We offer coolers with energy saving feature that conserves energy whilst not in use
  • Carbon filters use are biodegradable
  • Replacing your bottled cooler with our plumbed-in system is equivalet to taking over 100 vehicles off our roads annually.


You can continue emptying your wallet of hundreds of dollars to buy bottled water.

For a few cents a day, you can have easily accessible, constantly available, great tasting fresh filtered water from your own tap… everyday!

  • Free Standard Installation (Metro and some regional centres).
  • No Capital Outlay.
  • Fully Tax Deductible in most cases.
  • Ask about some of our rental or lease/buy options.
We don’t claim to be cheapest… but we do claim not to be beaten on price for any comparable water filtration product.

At Water2water our aim is to supply you with a product that best suits your requirements and to offer ongoing service to ensure you are always happy with your choice. We do this by providing a regular scheduled servicing and maintenance program.


It’s so easy, all you have to do is turn on your tap for an unlimited supply of fresh filtered water.

Water2water water filtration systems allow you to:

  • Regain valuable floor space.
  • Have no more clutter of empty bottles in passageways.
  • No longer need to worry about running out of bottled water and missing deliveries.
  • No longer need to store or lift heavy bottles.
  • Reduce insurance premiums – our systems are available with leak protection and prevention

Your Water2water water supply Never fails, this convenience is always available.

The benefit of our systems to you is our ability to quickly replace the expensive and inconvenient method of the delivered bottled water system with our low fixed and fully automatic chilled filtered water coolers wherever you require it in the workplace.


The Water2water filtered water is always fresh. It doesn’t have that plastic taste you get from some bottled water.

Water2water filtered water isn’t trucked in, lying around a warehouse or sitting on a service station rack for weeks.

You don’t have to climb a mountain, find a rainforest, natural spring or take a trip to Switzerland to get great tasting water. All you have to do is turn on your Water2water tap and taste the difference – it’s certainly refreshing!

Purify Yourself

If you require a convenient water source for teams of workers, we have the answer for every situation.

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