Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

A water filter using reverse osmosis removes up to 99% of all dissolved organic and inorganic impurities from drinking water, leaving you to enjoy pure, clear, great-tasting water.

Removing excess salts, metals, chemicals, bacteria and viruses with a reverse osmosis water filter is the ultimate way to purify your drinking supply and keep you hydrated and healthy.

How does a reverse osmosis water filter system work?

Reverse osmosis pushes water at pressure through a thin, semi-permeable membrane which removes ions, calcium and contaminants to create purified water.

Excess water generated by the reverse osmosis process can be used for laundry, around the house and in the garden, so nothing is wasted.

Much of our source water in Western Australia has a very high mineral content and reverse osmosis will soften and clean your drinking water to the highest possible standard.

Benefits of a reverse osmosis water filter system

  • Removes up to 99% of the impurities and contaminants found in Western Australia’s “hard” water supply
  • Softens and purifies water to remove fluoride, copper and calcium which can be damaging to people with certain dietary or health conditions and allergies
  • Drinking water tastes fantastic straight from the tap
  • Eliminates the need for plastic water bottles and is kinder to the environment
  • Perfect solution for poor source water quality areas in remote locations
  • Easily combined with water chiller option
  • Domestic and industrial reverse osmosis water filter systems available.

Our range of reverse osmosis systems

Water2Water Premium 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

This tried and tested high quality, under sink system is perfect for any home or business and has 4 stages of filtration.

Removes up to 99% of impurities and chemicals and comes complete with a tank and stylish faucet.

Water2Water Industrial Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

We have a large range of industrial size reverse osmosis filter systems and we supply and install bespoke, site specific filter systems customised for business of all sizes.

We use our experience and expertise to devise cost-effective water filtering solutions for all types of industrial and commercial locations to keep your workforce and customers hydrated and healthy.

Our clients include remote mine-sites with a large workforce, car-wash businesses and helicopter bases where superior water quality is essential for all purposes.

Why choose Water2Water Reverse Osmosis systems?

We are a privately-owned Australian company and we have been providing water filtration solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic customers in Perth and across Western Australia for over 20 years.

If you are considering a reverse osmosis water filter system in Perth, the South-West, Mid-West or in the North-West Pilbara region of West Australia, why not contact us for expert, unbiased advice.

Visit our retail stores in Subiaco, Perth and Karratha to taste the difference for yourself.

Purify Yourself

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